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Meet Rab in motion!!!

Croatia is, in people’s opinions, one of the most beautiful countries worldwide with its cultural heritage and with the stunning landscapes. It’s a land of thousand islands and they are surrounded by this almost dramatic azure sea along with the beautiful beaches. The island of Rab is one of the jewels from that stunning collection and we at the Segway PT tour Rab, offer you the most fun and unique way of getting to know it all first-hand, when you decide to take a ride with us. Like they say „once Rab – always Rab“, we claim the same for us, „once you take the tour on a Segway PT – you’re going to want to take the Segway PT tour again“. Yes, it’s that much fun and we’re here for you!!!


What is Segway PT and how it works?

  • World’s first self-balancing personal transporter
  • Completely environment friendly
  • sidewalk vehicle, only as dangerous as walking because it moves at slow speed
  • runs on ordinary household electricity, can go up to 20 km/h, weight only 38 kg
  • capacity for a rider from 42 to 118 kg
  • Segway PT specialty also is that it can recharge while decelerating
  • Simple to use, only by shifting your weight on the platform, leaning forward or backward, or by shifting the handlebar left or right if you want to turn
  • The secret of Segway PT is that it is designed on the human body model – CPU instead of brain, gyroscopes instead of balance center in the inner ear, motors instead of muscles and wheels instead of feet, so it knows when you are moving
  • It uses 5 gyroscopes, but to keep balance it only needs 3, so the other 2 are for more reliability and support, so it keeps balance on its own, you just need to ride it
  • The brain of the vehicle are two electronic controller boards, which work together, checking the position sensor over 100 time per second
  • If one breaks, the other will take over all functions and notify you of a failure and shutdown, giving you a stick shake warning letting you know u have 10 seconds left to safely step of
  • Advanced piece of software monitors all stability info and adjust the speed of several motors, that are battery powered and with one charge can cover a ride of almost 40 km
  • Each wheel can turn independently at variable speed
  • If you move forward or backward – both wheels spin, if you turn left or right – one wheel spins faster than the other

Two wheels only?

Don’t worry… the Segway PT is completely safe, even though it might not seem that way at first. Five gyroscopes and state of the art technology are taking care of that while maintaining your balance. It’s up to you to control it. To ensure you’re having a safe and fun ride, an amiable and patient team of well trained, experienced and authorized Segway PT training instructors will welcome you. In only a couple of minutes they will explain and teach you how to use the Segway PT safely and correctly.



CLB Holding d.o.o is a exclusive distributor for Segway in Croatia, Slovenia, Lichtenstein and Macedonia

Why Us

The only authorized tour in Rab?

What is better than a tour experience with Segway PT in Rab? Sharing it with all your friends and family when you return home? Well, we’re here for you.

We’re the only officially Segway PT licensed and authorized tour in Rab and when you ride with us you know you’re going to get only the best. Our team is flexible team and they always give its best, we always have a tour that can match your schedule. But, don’t take us only by our word, come ride with us and we’re going to be more than happy to show you we stand true to everything we offer.


High quality service

Our Segway PT’s are regularly maintained, our equipment kept clean and our guides are as patient and forward coming as you can only wish for. With the fun instructions to the basics of Segway PT you won’t even notice you’re learning something. We meet the high standards to provide our guests the safe and, for sure, remarkable memory.



  • Smaller groups enable more personal attention to our guest.
  • Tour operators have the latest Segway PT training and information about the products, which our training certificates also demonstrate
  • You can be sure that our tours follow Segway PT recommended safety guidelines and that your experience will be fun, smooth and safe
  • Our tours are modified in the way they meet all local regulations and that is not affecting the top of the class level of fun you’re going to have while riding with us
  • All of our guides are officially licensed, with stories, legends and facts that will give you so much more than u bargained for.

Taste Croatia

  • taste__0000_05
  • taste__0001_04
  • taste__0002_03
  • taste__0003_02
  • taste__0004_01
  • taste__0005_06

SARMA – it’s a dish that is made out of ground meat that is mixed with rice and eggs and then        wrapped into a leaf of sour cabbage and then cooked

ŠTRUKLI – it’s cottage cheese wrapped into a very thin layer of dough, then it’s put into a pan and covered with sour cream then baked in an oven (you can eat them both sweet or salted, depends what you prefer more)

SIR I VRHNJE – cottage cheese mixed with sour cream seasoned with salt and garlic, but you can also add other different spices to that mix

KRPICE SA ZELJEM – small pieces of homemade thin dough mixed with stewed sour cabbage

PURICA S MLINCIMA – roasted turkey with a side dish which is made out of pieces of dough first poured over with boiling water or soup and afterwards it’s covered with the sauce the turkey was roasted in

KULEN – traditional Croatian smoked sausage that is specially seasoned and it’s also enlisted to the Croatian list of cultural heritage

RAKIJA – internationally more known as Schnaps

SEKELI GULAŠ – it’s a stew based dish made out of fresh cabbage stewed together with small pieces of meat

ČEŠNJOVKE traditional sausages for northern part of Croatia

PRŠUT – smoked pork ham specially dried on strong wind called Bura and this is usually made at the seaside

KOTLOVINA – specially prepared meat that is cooked in a big special metal plate together with a lot of different vegetables and potatoes

FAŠIRANCI – specially prepared ground meat fried in oil on a pan

GRAH S KOBASICAMA – bean soup prepared with sausages that gives it a special flavour

ČVARCI – pressed deep fried pork fat

KUKURUZNI KRUH – bread made out of corn flour

OREHNJAČA – traditional dessert dish made out of walnut filling

MAKOVNJAČA – traditional dessert dish made out of poppy filling

PAPRENJACI – special cookie made out of mixture of walnuts, honey and black pepper

PEKA – special way of preparing the food, usually of lamb meat, potatoes, different kind of vegetables and bread

Your friendly Team

Robert Bebek

Robert Bebek

Profesional Segway PT Guide

With the sea, sun and a beautiful city, what better way to complete the summer than a tour through the city on the Segway. I’m here to show you everything and to be your host.
I‘m heartwarming and always greet you with a smile on my face and my knowledge of the city and the top places to visit and to go is enormous. I’m standing at your disposal for any inquiry you may have and I‘m going to make sure your time spent with us on the Segway will be one of the memories you’re going to want to come back to anytime.

Valin Dimitrijević

Valin Dimitrijević

Profesional Segway PT Guide

Do you want fun, history and sightseeing all packed into one perfect package? Well, join me on the Segway tour and I’m going to show you everything in the most fun way there is, on the Segway.
I have lots of energy and it doesn‘t matter if you’re a beginner with the Segway or an experienced rider, riding with me you‘re going to feel like a professional in a matter of only minutes. I’m very patient with instructions and you can be sure that with me your ride will be only the best experience.

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